Kitty Kibble

Canidae ALS


Canidae All Life Stages, is vet formulated for cats of all ages. Each recipe is specifically formulated for your pet at any  life stage, for any breed, or any size. This makes mealtimes with  multiple pets much easier with just one bag for all cats!

ALS contains HealthPLUS Solutions®   probiotics to help support healthy digestion, antioxidants to help  support a healthy immune system, and omega 6&3 to help support  beautiful skin and coat. 

RAWZ Meal Free Dry Cat Food


 RAWZ’s high meat formula contains reduced carbohydrates, while providing  healthy levels of quality, highly digestible protein and a thoughtful  amount of naturally occurring fat. 

 We’ve worked tirelessly with leading pet nutritionists to develop a  recipe that satisfied the health needs of all breeds and life stages as  required by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).  Our recipes are comprised of the perfect balance of proteins,  carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to provide optimal nutrition  for all life stages and all breeds. 

Northwest Naturals Raw Diet



Uses the same meats found at your finest natural food stores. Muscle and organ meats are chopped (not ground) partially frozen  at the time of processing to ensure the availability of the highest  quality nutrients, then individually quick frozen to keep the integrity  of the ingredient quality.

Recipes are very simple, Chicken and Turkey Recipes use muscle  meat, organ meats and natural raw ground bone, all from the same  species. No added fruits or vegetables. A true carnivore diet!

All products are produced in their certified and inspected USDA, FDA, FSIS manufacturing facility. All poultry products are HPP’d for safety.




Natural, wholesome ingredients packed with nutrition.

We strive to use free-range meats from New Zealand that are free of growth hormones and steroids, raised in a stress-free environment. The result is a diet as close to what nature intended, allowing your pet to reach optimal health.   

Honestly, we don’t like artificial colors and flavors. Each bag is gently made in small batches to ensure that each bowl is packed full of goodness that no other pet food can match. Now that’s as real as it gets! 




FirstMate Chicken with Blueberries and Fish with Blueberries uses free run, Canadian  chicken  or wild caught fish as a single meat protein with a high inclusion of blueberries  for their antioxidant benefits. This formula is ideal for cats and  kittens of all life stages, everyday feeding and sensitivities.

 FirstMate Chicken Meal with Blueberries and Pacific Ocean Fish with Blueberries Formula is  formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat  Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages                




Farmina has a high rate of palatability, and cats really seem to go for it!

Even our pickiest eater dives right into his food.

Farmina is EU rated (non-gmo) feeds well, has the highest rate of animal protein, and even offers a urinary formula for cats who tend to get dangerous crystals in their urine.

Farmina has several different proteins such as Venison (which I feed my own cats)



Quail etc

More Kitty Kibble

Petcurean Go! Duck LID



GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ Limited Ingredient Duck Recipe for Cats  is an all-new addition to the popular SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ line-up that  features premium-quality Duck as a single source of poultry protein and  limited additional ingredients. GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ recipes are  great for all cats, but especially formulated for those with food  sensitivities or specific dietary needs.

Petcurean Go! Trout and Salmon


GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ Freshwater Trout + Salmon Recipe is  carefully prepared with premium quality fish, omega oils and fruits  & veggies. GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ recipes are great for all  cats, but especially formulated for those with food sensitivities or  specific dietary needs. 

Petcurean Go! Fit and Free



GO! FIT + FREE™ Chicken, Turkey + Duck Recipe is prepared with  premium-quality meat proteins, fruits & veggies, and omega oils.   FIT + FREE™ recipes have the most meat of any GO! recipe. A  protein-rich, lower carb diet helps your cat stay strong, healthy and  fit.

This recipe also features:

Pre + Probiotics to aid with digestion

Small Batch raw cat food


  Despite years of domestication, a cat’s digestive system hasn’t changed much. They are still designed to eat and digest raw meat. The high acidic levels of their stomachs allow them to digest it safely. And, their sharp little teeth aren’t just for love bites; they’re for tearing meat off a bone. Not only are they built to eat raw food, cats love it. This natural inclination makes sense when you think of all the health benefits of doing so. The goodness in raw foods (that sadly gets cooked and processed out of other cat food) keeps our kitties healthy, shiny, and full of life. Studies have shown that raw fed cats suffer from fewer diseases, live longer, and even look better than cats fed canned or other processed foods. 

Fromm 4 Star Game Bird Recipe


 A grain-free entrée of duck, turkey, quail, pheasant, and real Wisconsin  cheese with an assortment of fresh fruits & vegetables.   Fromm Family Four-Star Nutritionals® Game  Bird Recipe Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels  established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages. 

 nursing cats may require  2-3 times above amounts, and reduced for less active or older cats.  

Holistic Select



Holistic Select® dry cat food recipes are formulated with the  digestive support & balanced nutrition your pet needs to live their  best life. Grain-free, with optimal levels of protein plus prebiotics  & probiotics, live yogurt cultures, digestive enzymes, and natural  fiber these recipes enhance digestion and total body health.

  • Potato-free recipe uses highly digestive carb sources for sustained energy
  • Nutrient-rich cranberries support urinary tract health

Canned Cat Food

Under The Sun, Witty Kitty


 Our new CANIDAE® Under The Sun® Witty Kitty  recipes may have a playful attitude—but they feature seriously great  nutrition. Your cat will love tasty combos like cod & trout or  turkey & duck, or single sensations like tuna or chicken. We’ve  rounded out the recipes with farm-grown peas and cranberries for good  measure. Great for cats of all ages and available in 3 ounce cans. 

We carry:

The Big Catch  (Tuna)

Ruffle my Feathers (Turkey)

Wingin It (Chicken)

Almo Nature Cat Food



Almo Nature’s philosophy revolves around the quality and origin of the ingredients used for its  cat food in order to formulate recipes according to their point of view, which has been the official positioning statement for years.

Almo Nature was the first company in the world to introduce a wet pet food line entirely consisted of ingredients fit for human consumption (HFC). The company created a dry food line directly afterward, introducing the world’s first HFC kibble for dogs and cats under the name aLternative.

Evangers Canned



Watch your cat come running for Evanger's Super Premium  Seafood & Caviar Dinner Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. Made with  salmon, chicken, poultry liver, and caviar fresh from the market, it’s  sure to be a dinnertime favorite! It’s bursting with flavor that cats  will love, and the high-protein diet with chelated minerals will help  keep him purring for a long time to come. Never frozen and free of GMOs,  it comes from a family-owned company that uses USDA-inspected meats for  supreme palatability and nutrition.

Taste of the Wild Canyon River


 A great-tasting complement to the Canyon River Feline dry  formula, or a stand-alone diet for your special cat. A grain-free  formula with sweet potatoes provides highly digestible energy for your  active cat. Made with trout and salmon, this formula offers great taste  and quality fish protein. Supplemented with vegetables and fruits, this  formula delivers antioxidants to help give your friend a healthy  lifestyle. Veterinarians recommend feeding wet food as part of your  cat’s diet to lower carbohydrate intake and to increase water intake,  both important features in feline nutrition. Satisfy your cat’s  nutritional needs by feeding Canyon River Feline Formula with Trout and Salmon in Gravy. 

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain



A great-tasting complement to the Rocky Mountain Feline dry  formula, or a stand-alone diet for your special cat. The combination of  animal proteins will provide your cat with ideal protein nutrition for a  lean body and optimal amino acid nutrition. Veterinarians recommend  feeding wet food as part of your cat’s diet to lower carbohydrate intake  and to increase water intake, both important features in feline  nutrition. Satisfy your cat’s nutritional needs by feeding Rocky  Mountain Feline Formula in Gravy.

Kasiks Canned food


 KASIKS Turkey formula proudly uses cage-free Turkey and Chicken from  British Columbia, Canada.  Our Turkey is boneless, food-grade and  without added hormones.  This product can be fed along side one of our  dry options or on its own as a complete and balanced formula.