Raw Diet by Northwest Naturals

 Northwest  Naturals is the highest premium food.  Made locally in Portland Oregon,  NWN is ethically sourced, offering healthy vitamins, probiotics and  minerals in the most digestible form.  Dogs and cats fed a raw diet tend  to have healthier guts, and better coats, joints and teeth.  We carry  frozen, freeze dried, and smaller quick snap bars which are great for  introducing your dog to a raw diet 

Petcurean Gather

  Gather is a single protein kibble food that is EU rated, non-GMO, free range proteins, sustain-ably sourced organic.  This food comes in Vegan, Chicken, and Fish varieties of dog food.  Dogs love the crispy quality of this food.

Gather is also cooked at a lower temperature to keep the flavor and bio-availability of the food.

Petcurean Now Fresh


Now Fresh! is an excellent quality kibble that is EU rated, Non-GMO, whole protein, free range, with coconut oil.

Now Fresh contains whole food proteins, not meal like many dog foods.  Whole turkey breast, whole fillet of salmon, whole duck breast are what your dog will get with this dogs food.

Puppy, Adult, Senior, and Small Bites for our smaller breed companions

Petcurean Go!


Go! comes in many different varieties of proteins.  Go! is geared towards solutions, such as helping our dogs with allergies, skin and coat as well as stomach sensitivities, and weight control.





FirstMate Dog

 FirstMate is a premium kibble that has proven itself to be the go-to for people with pets that have so many allergies that this is the only food that can provide relief.  FirstMate is EU rated, Non-GMO, grain free, and excellent quality.   

We carry Puppy and Adult Dog  

Chicken and Blueberry

Australian Lamb

Pacific Ocean Fish

We also carry Small Bites for a smaller canine companions

Canidae Pure

 CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE formulas  use simple recipes for sensitive dogs. Each limited ingredient diet is  made with 7–10 key ingredients that are easily recognizable. And even if  your dog isn’t sensitive to ingredients, she’ll still love the great  taste. Choose from a variety of formulas made with fresh meat or fish  first, paired with whole ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, lentils,  or chickpeas—never corn, wheat or soy. Feed your dog all the great  taste she craves and all the nutrition she needs.  


More Dog Food

Canidae All Life Stages

   Our CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food Chicken, Turkey,  Lamb & Fish Meals Formula, Chicken and Rice and Lamb and Rice are specifically formulated for your pet at  any life stage, for any breed, or any size. This makes mealtimes with  multiple pets much easier with just one bag for all dogs!   


   Zignature Dog Food's single animal protein formula's contain absolutely  no potatoes, grains, chicken, eggs, gluten, tapioca, corn or soy.  Antioxidants from fruits and legumes, along with added vitamins and  minerals, provide your dog with quality ingredients for an active, healthy lifestyle.   

Taste of the Wild


 Taste of the Wild is a high quality, grain free food.  Made from many exotic proteins that dogs and cats love! 

We carry Ocean Fish, and High Prairie which uses buffalo as it's primary protein.

and Pine Forest which features features Venison.

Evangers Dry Food

  Each  of Evangers foods contains natural omega 3 fatty acids, which has  proven to extend the years of life in your pets.  American made and  family owned, Evangers is a great quality, affordably priced pet food.  We carry 

Meat Lovers Medley

Chicken and Brown Rice

Chicken and Sweet Potato

Whitefish and Sweet Potato

Pheasant and Brown Rice

Farmina cat and dog formulas

Farmina offers a wide variety of proteins for dogs.

Farmina is EU rated (non-gmo) and features the highest proportion of animal proteins. (97%)

Farmina has little bites, medium large bites, digestive health, as well as skin and coat health formulas

FirstMate Canned food

 FirstMate’s formulas use food grade, free-run protein sources. These  formulas are nutritionally complete but feeding with one of our dry option  could be quite complementary. The formula simplicity makes these an  ideal solution with food allergies or stomach sensitivities.