Dog Daycare



To join daycare, all dogs must be fully up to date on vaccinations including Bordatella (Kennel cough) and wormed.

Dogs must be friendly to all dogs and humans.

We strive to make sure that all dogs are as safe and comfortable in daycare as possible.

All water dishes are cleaned and sanitized daily, and the yard is cleaned 2 times a day.  Once a week the yard and mats are sanitized as every attempt is made to keep the dogs area as safe as possible.


Doggy Play Area

The dogs are provided a fully enclosed indoor area to go inside when getting out of the weather or when they want to rest.  The indoor area is heated and has several dog beds for the dogs to rest on.

Outside we have a fully fenced outdoor area, with grass and dirt and room to run and play.  Dogs are allowed to go inside and outside at will.


At The End of the Day

At the end of the day, the dogs are fully socialized, allowed to have fun, and tired from a long day of play.

"A tired dog is a happy dog" is a motto we believe in, and our customers have all been thrilled with how happy and calm their dogs remain days after a in daycare.

Dogs who come stay with us regularly are always happy to arrive, and contented when they leave.

Daycare Price List

There is a 5% discount offered for multiple dogs over 3 dogs, and for pre-payment of 5 days or more. Daycare can open as early as 7am with prior arrangement. Contact us if you need to drop your dog off by 7.