Treats and Toys

Leanix by Himalayan

Leanlix is a dog treat made right here in beautiful Washington state.  

A low calorie, reward that's always at the ready.  

Leanlix is awesome for teaching your dog to sit, and walk next to you, without the hassle of constantly reaching in your pocket.  

Grass fed beef, PB&J, hotdog, and BBQ are just some of the flavors your dog will love!

4Legz biscuit treats

Made right here in Centralia Washington.  

4Legz buscuits are non-gmo, organic, made with ingredients you can pronounce and grain free.

Peanut butter molasses, Chehalis mint, Peanut butter carob, Sweet potato, and Pumpkin treats available.

Crossed Paws Bakery

Crossed Paws, in Olympia Washington makes treats varying from biscuits to jerky.

All of their ingredients are sourced locally, organic and non-gmo.  All except the Turkey are grain free.

We carry, turkey, bacon & blueberry, Double bacon, peanut butter, variety, beef liver jerky, and liver & sweet potato jerky.

Answers Rewards Raw Treats

Answers Rewards are made from pure raw goats mik.  Formed into cheese and infused with natural additives that will help your dog or cat.

Turmeric-which helps with reducing swelling.  This will help with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis pain.

Ginger-Ginger provides relief from stomach upset, vomiting and bowl irritation

Spirulina-Spirulina ads protein, antioxidants and acts as an anti-inflamitory

Canidae soft treats

Canidae grain-free treats are formulated with anti-oxidant and super foods like sweet potato, kale, and pomegranate. 

Canidae is a family owned pet food/treat company that has its own farm to harvest the fruits, vegetables and greens in their foods and treats.

These come in training size treats, and a larger size chewy treat.

Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards

Made in Portland Oregon, for those dogs who eat raw, or have ingredient sensitivities-we carry Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards.

Freeze dried raw pure protein treats.

We offer chicken liver, beef liver, salmon & lamb liver

All 100% protein based.  No fillers, meals, gums, grains.

Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards are perfect treats to use while eliminating any potential allergen.

Fancy Biscuits

Peanut Banana Bread

Made in Mulkilteo Washington by Himalayan 

Peanut Banana Bread is made with Peanuts and banana

Pawberry Cobbler

Made in Mulkilteo Washington by By Himalayan

Pawberry Cobbler is made with mixed berries

Duck Berry Quacker

Made in Mukilteo Washington by Himalayan, Duck Berry Quacker is made from duck and blueberry