About Best Paw Forward Training


Best Paw Forward offers pet dog training with private lessons in your home, private lessons in my facility, and group classes.  

Lisa has been a dog trainer for 25 years, and a dog behaviorist for 9 years.  She has had many successes helping people and dogs learn to be more relaxed and happy, as well as helping dogs and owners learn the basics of obedience.

Group classes

Group classes are an excellent way to work on focus and socialization with your dogs.

We learn not only about sit/come/down/stay/heel, but we also practice focusing exercises.

Group classes are an excellent place to make sure you possess all the tools to make sure your dog has everything he or she needs to be an great member of your family and society.

Group classes are suitable for dogs who have completed their full series of vaccinations (all dogs must be fully vaccinated) and are NON-AGGRESSIVE.

(any dog found to be aggressive in class with be removed from the class environment and asked to attend private lessons to work on their aggressiveness)

I strive fully to make sure that all dogs are safe and comfortable in the class environment.

Private lessons

Private lessons are for people and dogs who cannot attend group classes.

Pups who are too young to have completed their full round of vaccinations are great candidates for private lessons, as we can protect them from diseases.

Private lessons for puppies include: crate training, biting, jumping, house training, calming and preventing separation anxiety.

Private lessons are also excellent for those who have time constraints that prevent them attending a group class, or for those with disabilities.

Group Classes Information & Registration

Group Class Registration

Group classes are for fully vaccinated, Non-aggressive dogs.  Please contact us for a behavior evaluation if you are unsure if your dog's social ability with other dogs

We offer:

Puppy socialization Drop-in class  Every Friday  @ 5:00 pm

Puppy STAR puppy class: Tuesday Janurary 8th @ 6:15

Adult Basic class Wednesday, Janurary 9th @ 6pm

Mixed Basic Class: Saturday, January 5th @ 11am

Class size is limited to 7 dogs per class, therefore registration is necessary to reserve your spot in the class.

Each person has until 10 days before the class to cancel registration.


Because of our limited class size, and the need to fill empty spaces, we must be strict on our 10 day cancellation policy.

AKC STAR Puppy Class-Tuesday January 8th

This is a 6 week class geared towards dogs under 1 year old, and is in-line with helping your and your puppy achieve all of the necessary obedience's and behaviors to achieve STAR puppy certification.

We will learn, light behavioral work as well as:






walking on a loose leash

as well as sitting politely for petting, grooming, and giving toys

AKC STAR Puppy Class-Tuesday January 8th @ 6:15

Puppy socialization class-Fridays @ 5

Puppy Socialization class includes -encouraging proper social interaction.  Discouraging dominant or aggressive play behaviors, also conquering overly submissive behavior for a balanced playing puppy.

All participating puppies must have completed their vaccination series and owners must bring in updated vaccination records.

Socialization class is a drop in class and does not require pre-registration

$15.00 drop in fee

Basic Obedience Class-January 9th @ 6pm

Basic obedience-a 6 week class offering light behavioral work as well as obedience instruction.






and Heel

Basic class is $120 for 6 weeks of instruction

Next Adult Dog training class is: January 9th @ 6pm

Basic obedience, Wednesday January 9th @ 6pm

Saturday Mixed Basic Obedience Class: Saturday January 5th @ 11am


Basic obedience-a 6 week class offering light behavioral work as well as obedience instruction.
and Heel

Basic class is $120 for 6 weeks of instruction

Next Adult Dog training class is: November 16th @ 6pm

Saturday Basic Obedience class: Saturday January 5th @ 11am

Contact Information

Best Paw Forwards Facility is located in Chehalis Washington @

2726 Jackson Hwy, Chehalis WA 98532

You can contact us @ 360-262-3258

or email: doghelp@bestpaw-forward.com